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Photos from the 2001 Hayrack Ride Album
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Stacey getting buried in hay. Silly string all over Alyssa. Smiley Jerry... Stacey, Augie, Austin and Sean. Augie, Michelle, Terri, Bill and Stacey...
Scott, Tina and the truely evil Ron... Scott never looked better.. Scott being Scott.. Doesn't this look like fun?? Sean taking aim..
What's in your hair, Shelley? Brandon and Bill getting in the hay fights. Can you tell the lens got dirty? Almost looks like it is snowing. Everyone is wearing hay.
Time to roast some dogs and marshmellows. Sean looks like he is sleeping. No hiding, Tina.. Not a very good fire. Jerry telling ghost stories.
Nicole, Tonya and Terri. Party..... The group. I think we need a bigger fire. Nice shoes, Nicole.

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