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Photos from the Disney 2003 MGM & Epcot Album
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100 years of Magic Star Wars ride Taylor going for a ride... Sean's turn Going for a drive...
Flick About to make a fool of myself...  again... Mopping the deck... Getting shot at and very wet... Here comes the water...
Look out... Beginning of the parade Toy Story Characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear Mary Poppins
Kermit and Miss Piggy R2-D2 Princess Laya and Luke Skywalker Mulan Monsters Inc.
Aladin Hercules and ? Lilo & Stitch Ariel Playhouse Disney
Mickey and the gang... Honey, I shrunk the kids... That is Taylor in front of the Christmas tree. The Epcot ball. Didn't stay long at Epcot..

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